Thomas Polanski Actor: Film, Stage and Television

Thomas Polanski is one of only 10 actors to have been chosen to study with Marlon Brando at his home on Mulholland Drive. In addition, Polanski is the only actor to ever receive a standing ovation at The Actor’s Gym. Polanski performed a monologue. The Actor’s Gym was founded by Academy Award winner Bobby Moresco.

Thomas Polanski has worked with a number of luminaries from stage and film including Wendell Phillips, a founding member of the Group Theater, who taught Marlon Brando at the Actors Studio, Jean Shelton who founded the nationally recognized Shelton Studios, and Charles E. Conrad, Sanford Meisner’s long time assistant, who adapted the Meisner Technique for film and television.

Mr. Polanski has invested years honing his craft at multiple schools known for their intensive acting programs and through many stage, film, and television appearances. Meisner once said that it takes 20 years to make an actor. Thomas Polanski has put in the time and the work necessary to be called an actor.