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Thomas Polanski possesses a unique set of film, television, and stage coaching skills. He is the only person who studied directly with  Wendell K. Phillips, a founding member of the Group Theater, and then went on to study with Charles E. Conrad, Senior Assistant to Sanford Meisner and Master Teacher at the Neighborhood Playhouse. He combines the best of the original Group Theater’s approach to the Method with the unique take on the Meisner technique that Conrad invented.

Wendell K. Phillips

Mr. Phillips was black listed during the McCarthy era. His most productive years were taken from him and his legacy has largely been forgotten. Thomas is the keeper and practitioner of a number of acting exercises that are part of a lost treasure trove. These are exercises created specifically for the purpose of keeping the actors body flexible, relaxed, and grounded in the truth of the character and the material.

After completing his work with Wendell, Thomas was asked to participate in the Masters Class at CEC Studios where he worked with Charles E. Conrad.

Charles E. Conrad

Mr. Conrad was the preeminent film acting teacher in Los Angeles until his retirement.  He was the Senior Assistant to Sanford Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse for many years. He was chosen by Sanford to bring the Meisner Technique to the film studios. As a result of his experiences at the studios, he optimized the Meisner Technique in an inspired and special way.

Conrad believed that an actor must first and foremost maintain a high level of energy in a relaxed instrument.

Thomas Polanski

Combining the lost exercises of Mr. Phillips and the original Group Theater with the teachings of Mr. Conrad, along with a wealth of professional experience, Mr. Polanski will quickly prepare you for any situation on stage, film, and television. The goal is to help Actors quickly discover their unique talent, realize their greatest potential, and to provide them with the tools necessary to audition and book acting work now.

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